Birthday Party Weekend

We were so blessed to celebrate the birthdays of our Little Love & Littlest Love this weekend with our friends and family.

Their birthdays are 7 weeks apart, and since they are so close in age (3 & 5) they share the same group of friends. So, we’ve been taking advantage of the opportunity while they’re young and having combined parties. They’re pretty confident they want separate parties next year, so this is likely the last big hoorah!

We had a “paint party” where all the kids painted canvases and then decorated cupcakes with the most sugary decorations I could find at the grocery store. 😉 My mom and I bought a 2-pack of 11×14 canvases each week for about 2 months to gather them all up…. but using the 40% coupons made each canvas less that $2/piece.


It was such a fun party to put together. Each kid had an apron (bought from Oriental Trading), a party hat, a tray of 6 colors of paints, a big & little paintbrush, and a cupcake palette filled with colorful toppings. Water pails were shared between each pair of kids which worked out way better than I anticipated! Add a color table runner made of dollar store wrapping paper… and voila! A perfectly colorful boy/girl party!

The kids had such a good time and are so completely overwhelmed with new toys, I can’t even imagine thinking about Christmas shopping in a few months. This mama will be doing some toy bin cleansing one of these days while the two of them are at school. (And who am I kidding? It’s one of my favorite things to do!)

Here’s some pictures from the party! Hope your weekend was as joyful as ours!


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