Midland Valley, Midland Valley

When I was in high school, I was in the marching band. Actually, my senior year I was the Drum Major for the marching band. You can go ahead and call me Queen of the Nerds. 🙂

At every football game, we would end the night playing the Alma Mater. Most of us didn’t know all the words, so we would sing on repeat “Midland Valley, Midland Valley, Midland Valley, Midland Valley!” to the tune of our Alma Mater… so at least our lips were moving!

This year is my 10 year reunion.

I have been feeling so tethered to MVHS recently. I’m not sure if it’s the upcoming reunion that has me nostalgic, or all the recent accolades that have been awarded that make me wish those cool things would’ve happened when I was a student there. But my heart is bleeding orange and blue.

Midland Valley gave me so much.

  • It is where I first saw and talked to my husband, on my very first day of school as a Freshman. Mrs. Glover’s 4th period study hall for my first semester of high school became the petri dish where our friendship would grow.
  • Midland Valley introduced me to my favorite instrument in the whole world and gave me countless hours of access to play that beautiful vibraphone.
  • It is where I got to experience the high of winning Lower State with the entire marching band, playing Amazing Grace as loud as we could – and I literally CRIED at every competition because it was SO beautiful.
  • It is where I got to play in a trash can band and dress like a construction worker with some of the coolest drummers I know.
  • It is where I was given the opportunity to earn a full academic ride to college and gave me all the tools and resources I needed to succeed there.
  • It is where I met a lifelong friend in my guidance counselor. She later would be my matron of honor in my wedding along with her daughter as my junior bridesmaid and be one of the only constant relationships in my life 10 years later.
  • It is where I was given my first chances to lead and discover my passion for influencing others.
  • It is where my husband showed up months after he graduated to proclaim his pursuit of a relationship with me. (Top 10 best moments of my life!)
  • It is where I stood on stage in front of all my classmates and their families and gave my Salutatory speech and sang “Go Light Your World” to the largest audience of my life.
  • It is where I met my “mejor amigo del mundo” and the place we get to visit and reminisce together when he visits from Venezuela.
  • It is where I was awarded “Midland Valley’s Junior Miss,” an honor that became my obsession… and now my full-time volunteer position!
  • It is where I led a Bible study every morning before school my senior year- my very first teaching gig.
  • It is where I would return years after graduating to mentor and teach pregnant students parenting skills.
  • And now, it is where I hope to return and join the amazing faculty that is blazing a trail of excellence in Aiken County. (Can someone send this to the Principal and consider this my application? Just kidding!)

I’m so excited for the future of MV – and I’m really praying the Lord lets me be a part of it again.

Once a Mustang, always a Mustang!


I have just accepted a position as a Business Education Teacher and will join the Mustang Faculty in August!


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