DIY: Dollhouse Tour

This past Christmas, we redid the kid’s rooms. It was a long and exhausting process. But my absolute favorite project was this dollhouse for our Littlest Love.


I can’t seem to find the picture of what it looked like when I got it. It belonged to one of my Young Life girls. Her sweet mom knew I was planning to get one for Littlest Love for Christmas, so she passed it on to us. I had never seen a dollhouse like this! I loved the shape and function of it – and it was just the right size, as I was imagining to fill it with Calico Critters dolls.

When I got it, it was all unfinished wood. I tried my best to hold off on painting and redecorating… but I couldn’t help myself. It was a dream come true. I starting with painting all the little wood furniture that came with it. I originally used acrylic craft paint and little paintbrushes but that was taking too long. So I switched to spray paint and it was gloriously fast! (There were a few nights I was working late and didn’t want to go outside, so I spray painted on scrap poster board in our living room. One morning I woke up with the most throbbing headache I had ever had… pretty sure that’s the closest to a hangover I’ll ever experience! I don’t recommend spray painting indoors, as I’m sure the label also suggests!)


The whole time I worked on this, I did it right in the living room. Our whole house at this point was a construction zone and I just didn’t have any options, but we wanted to keep the dollhouse a secret. So Littlest Love would say things like, “I wish I had a dollhouse like that.” “Maybe next Christmas, I can have a dollhouse?” We kept assuring her I was making it for another little girl, which was totally believable to her since she’s seen me fill so many Etsy orders!

I asked her if it was her dollhouse, what color would she want it to be. And so, I painted the exterior yellow with pink doors. The trim I spray painted in ivory.


I had a lot of fun making the interior decor! I could make tiny art all the time. Here’s a handful of the things I made. All of this was made with random craft supplies I had handy. The bunting banner I made out of scrapbook paper & twine. The scrabble letters I bought in a pack in the scrapbooking section. The bathrug was made by hot gluing mini poms to a small piece of a cereal box. For the “hello” sign, I cut the round tips off of popsicle sticks to mimick pallet wood and the “hello” was another scrapbook section find. The circle rug was thicker twine hot glued to a round piece of a cereal box. And the E A T letters were made from small wood craft squares and 3D alphabet stickers.


The bathroom is probably my favorite room! For the floor, I used hot glue and ceramic mosaic tiles for the flooring. I had to leave gaps between the tiles so that the spacing would work, as I didn’t think I could risk cutting my fingers off to run these tiny fellas through the tile saw. I plan to one day grout them in…. maybe. The “wallpaper” was made with scrapbook paper and mod podge. I added a tile backsplash to the walls and some easy 3D stickers to say “Relax.” I really wanted it to say “Frankie Says Relax” but I just couldn’t make it fit. 🙂

I made tiny bath towels by cutting white felt in rectangles and used twine on the wall to make a towel bar. I love how colorful this room is!


I had some fun with color in the kitchen, too! As you can see in the picture, Little Love was my photography assistant today. He loves his sister’s dollhouse almost as much as she does!

For the kitchen furniture, I tried to create the stainless steel look for the appliances using metallic silver spray paint. I did the same on the counter-tops, cause who has time to faux paint granite. The cabinets I repainted 5 times until I settled on this bubblegum pink to match the flowers in the wallpaper. The EAT sign is so cute!


dollhouse.jpgThe bedroom is Littlest Love’s favorite room! She loves to put her favorite characters to sleep in the beds. I posted this picture to Instagram a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, no Calico Critters living here. She has quite the collection of mini figurines from her favorite shows and they seem to feel just at home in this tiny house.

For the bedroom, I may have decorated it the way I want my bedroom decorated. Gold, cream, black, & white. And it’s very similar to the color scheme I chose for Littlest Love’s room – minus black add pink.

For this room, I painted the adult beds metallic gold and the bunk beds white. I reupholstered the mattresses and pillows and made blankets for the big beds. I used felt for the reupholstering and hand sewed it all, because I break sewing machines every time I touch them. It was a LOT of work and neck pain… but Big Love gave me extra neck massages for all of December because I was working NONSTOP. I made the chevron rug out of a piece of already painted canvas in the scrapbook section. The blankets were made out of a thin felt and I added a decorative trim ribbon. This “wallpaper” was actually poster board, but I had to have those gold foil polka dots! Since she didn’t know it was for her, I couldn’t put E’s (her initial) everywhere. So I used the next best thing, an “R.” 😉

The last room is the living/dining room. I struggled with this room as it came with so much furniture I wanted to use and I just couldn’t figure out how I wanted to place it all!

I painted the dining chairs each a different color and then painted white over top and sanded them for a distressed look with a pop of color. I chose scrapbook paper in coordinating colors to mod podge to the chair seats. The table runner is just a wide piece of ribbon.

I hung a small circle mirror on the wall with hot glue and the scrabble letters to spell “faith.” The bunting banner and the pallet “hello” sign hang on the wood wall, which again is just scrapbook paper. For this room and the bedroom, I also laid down dollhouse carpet, which was super simple!

946188_772659108646_2144920338508947262_n  12039751_772659163536_92574815872032806_n


I also glued shingles to the roof, which was a lot more tedious that I originally thought. Two whole bags of shingles and approximately 30 hot glue sticks later….


I’m so happy with the way this turned out. It’s bittersweet. I know this is something Littlest Love will enjoy for a long time, but that also means I don’t get to do this again! So sad!


Thanks for taking a tour of our tiny home! – The Pigs, The Care Bears, & The Princesses. 


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