Head, Leader, Helper

Our church is walking through a study this summer on Wednesday nights about Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Such a beloved topic for myself, as I have grown to adore just how distinctly God created man and woman. But in such times as these with all the controversies about gender and gender roles, it is quite a necessary study.

This week as we looked at Biblical Femininity, I was drawn to the idea of the Trinity. In 3 persons, God establishes completeness. Through the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, God accomplished His goal. And it is HIS goal. Not Jesus’. Not the Holy Spirit’s. Both the Son and Spirit walk to the beat of the Father’s heart.

And they are all equal. Not one is more holy, nor more worthy. There aren’t rankings as to which one is more important to have in your life (seriously, Charismatics… there is not). We need all of each in order to fully serve and follow the Lord.

We talked last night about how Eve is referred to as Adam’s “helper.” And the question was asked if women should be offended by that. I can’t speak for all women, but I have never found the term offensive. My mind was drawn to John 16 where Jesus comforts the disciples in knowing that in his absence, He is sending a Helper (the Holy Spirit).

There must be some parallel there between the establishment of the Trinity and this triangular picture of marriage the Christian community has come to model. With God at the head of the marriage, the top of the triangle, the husband and wife are the bottom angles – as equals. Likewise, in the Trinity, can we not make the same picture? God is the top point and Jesus and the Holy Spirit take equal, yet different, sides to form the triangle.

I found it interesting to note that the Holy Spirit and women are referred to as the Helper. And if you think about the Creation story, and Salvation, there are also similarities.

Eve could not be made without Adam, for she came SECOND after his creation. And was made from his rib, a piece of him.

Likewise, the Holy Spirit (though eternally present) is only present to Christians AFTER Jesus. Not only in the Holy Spirit’s entire earthly existence coming after the resurrection, but in that each Christian is only inhabited by the Holy Spirit at the point of salvation.

If you think about the roles of Holy Spirit and the roles of a wife, there are even more similarities. The Holy Spirit acts as that inner voice to convict, encourage, spur. And as wives are we not called to encourage and spur our husbands?

Consider this. Think back on a time in your Christian walk where you felt the Spirit was not present. Maybe you were begrudgingly spending time with the Lord and your heart had a barrier that was keeping you from experiencing His presence and growth. You were checking off the God and Jesus boxes like you were supposed to do… praying, and going to church… but nothing else was happening. The Spirit was far from you (or so it felt). You are ineffective without the Spirit.

Now translate that to the marriage picture I’m proposing with the wife taking on that role. How is your husband going to be effective in his leading the family and following the Lord if your piece of the triangle has been severed? Without the 3 – God at the head, Christ/Husband leading God’s charge, and the Spirit/Wife supporting the cause – we are not wholly committed and ineffectual.

I love being reminded of these things, especially in such times where the world tries to muddy the water.

In a funny, related note…

We are buying Littlest Love a kitty cat for her birthday in August and so we have started looking around. At the SPCA the other day, we found a long haired one like we want, but it was a boy and our Littlest Love requires a girl kitty cat. I made the comment that even though it was a boy, we could just raise it to think it was a girl. Give it a girl’s name and pink accessories. It’s 2016! I can do that, right?! I told Big Love, and he said PETA would probably have a problem with it and call it animal abuse. 😉

Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend!


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